2022/11/27   Survivor Series War Games Results-November 26th,2022

Men’s War Games Match
The Bloodline vs. The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre & Kevin Owens

Jey Uso and Butch were the first participants to enter the cage. Butch dared Jey to face him, quickly taking him down with a shoulder tackle, followed by a stomp to the elbow. Butch drove Jey into the wall, but he responded by throwing Butch over the ropes. Jey nailed Butch with a pop up neckbreaker and an armbreaker. Jey drove Butch shoulder first into the cage wall, but he managed to stomp Jey’s fingers in between the rings. Jey broke a guillotine and slammed Butch.

Ridge Holland entered the cage next, knocking Jey down with a pair of shoulder tackles. Ridge dropped Jey with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam, followed by a series of corner splashes. The Brawling Brutes turned Jey inside out with a High-Low combination. Butch pressed his knee on Jey’s hurt fingers while Ridge held his legs.

Jimmy prepared to enter next, but Roman ordered Sami Zayn to go instead. Sami slowly approached the cage, allowing Jey to toss Butch into a wall. Sami attacked Ridge from behind and stomped him down in between the rings. Jey saved Sami from the beatdown before immediately starting an argument, allowing Butch to crash onto them with a top rope moonsault. Ridge planted both men down with a delayed double Xploder, but missed a spear into the wall soon after.

Drew McIntyre entered the cage next, throwing Jey into the wall several times. Drew tossed Sami across the ring with two release belly-to-belly suplexes, followed by a spinebuster on Jey. Sami tripped Drew off the top turnbuckle, only to be driven into the wall by Ridge. Drew caught Jey with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top turnbuckle and Sami with the Future Shock DDT.

Jimmy Uso introduced a couple of tables, as Jey and Sami recovered control. Jey and Sami started shoving each other, but Jimmy separated them before the argument could escalate. The Bloodline stopped the Brutest from making a comeback, tossing them into the walls. They set up a table on the corner , but Drew knocked Sami and Jimmy with Glasgow Kisses before they could put him through it.

Kevin Owens introduced a couple of chairs, smashing them on the Usos back as soon as he joined in. Kevin crashed onto Jey with a corner cannonball, followed by a Swanton bomb. Sami and Kevin had a short face-off, but Jimmy and Ridge attacked them from behind. Drew dropped Sami down with a delayed vertical suplex while Butch tried to take down the Usos. Kevin put Jimmy through a table with a back suplex, as the Brutes and Drew stomped Sami down.

Solo Sikoa entered the cage next, turning Butch inside out with a lariat and nailing Ridge with a samoan drop. Kevin and Solo started a hockey fight in between the rings before Kevin nailed him into the wall to no effect. Kevin cracked Solo with a series of thrust kicks, but he blocked a powerbomb with a back body drop on the steel plate. Solo knocked Drew off his feet with a thrust kick, but he hit him back with a jumping Glasgow Kiss.

Sheamus tried to enter the cage next, but Sami kept the door closed. Sheamus slammed the door on Sami’s face before blasting Sami and the Usos with clotheslines and a body slam. Sami attacked Sheamus with a few right hands, only to be thrown into the wall shortly after. The entirety of the Brawling Brutes started beating Sami and the Usos down as they laid under the ropes. Both Sheamus and Solo blocked power moves, until Sheamus was able to crush Solo with a diving White Noise.

Roman Reigns slowly entered the cage as the match officially started. Both squads had a face-off across the two rings before starting a big brawl. Roman clocked every opponent with an uppercut before knocking Sheamus down with a Superman Punch. Sheamus blocked the Spear with a kick, setting up the strikes to the chest, but the rest of the Bloodline stopped him. The entirety of the face team caught the Bloodline in the ropes and hit stereo strikes to the chest in the middle of the cage. Roman nailed Sheamus with two uppercuts, but he clocked him with a pump kick. Solo took a Brogue Kick for Roman, allowing him to hit the Spear on Sheamus, but Butch broke the pin in time. Sami beat Butch down, until accidentally receiving a superkick from Jey.

The Usos cracked Butch with an avalanche 1D, only for Ridge to break the pinfall. Jimmy and Jey clocked Ridge with a double superkick, setting him up for a Spear from Roman through the table. Solo saved Roman from a powerbomb, driving Drew through a table with a Spinning Solo. Kevin nailed Solo with a Stunner, but Roman pulled him away from the pin, starting a hockey fight between the two.

Kevin and Roman evaded each other’s signature moves, with Kevin managing to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb and the Stunner, only for Sami to stop the referee’s count. Kevin blocked a superkick from Jimmy, setting him up for Sami to hit him with a low blow. Sami checked on Romans before decimating Kevin with a Helluva Kick. Sami dropped Kevin on the mat, allowing Jey to finish him off with the Uso Splash.

Winners: The Bloodline

– After the match, Sami and Roman hugged as the rest of the Bloodline hugged. Jey ran into Sami before giving him a hug to celebrate their victory. The Bloodline stood tall as the show came to an end.

  2022/08/21   Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre for the Undisputed WWE Universal ...

Drew McIntyre has his sights on making history. When the WWE Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event comes to Cardiff, Wales, on Sept. 3, McIntyre will look to end Roman Reigns’ more than 700-day reign as champion.

The SmackDown Warrior defeated Sheamus in an absolutely brutal Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match to win his the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship opportunity on the July 29 episode of SmackDown. The next night, Reigns survived a hellish Last Man Standing Match against Brock Lesnar to retain his title and set the stage for a title showdown.

The highly anticipated WWE Clash at the Castle emanates from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on Saturday, Sept. 3. Tickets are available now for the first major stadium event to be held in the United Kingdom in more than 30 years!

  2022/08/21   Smackdown Results-August 19th,2022

Roman Reigns is in his dressing room and he gets ready to walk to the ring.

Drew McIntyre is in his dressing room and he pulls down his jacket and sees an hourglass.

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week, we will have the other semifinal tag tournament match. Ricochet will face Baron Corbin.

Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Roman gets a mic and he tells Montreal to acknowledge him.

He says he is not here every week any more. Every once in a while, people are going to come out here and say some stupid stuff. If anyone ever comes out and says they are the face of the company and it is not him, they are lying. If they say they are the main event and it isn’t him, they are lying. If it is anyone who comes out and says they have carried the company on their back . . . Drew McIntyre, they are lying. There is only one person who can say they are the face of the company, THE main event, and carrying this company on their back, it is Roman Reigns.

Roman says he is a man of his word. He does not have to say anything face to face to Drew because he is beneath him.

Drew’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Drew says he would love to have said everything he said to Roman’s face but Roman hasn’t been here. Drew says Roman does not represent the titles the way they are meant to be. He says Roman does not deserve to be champion.

Roman asks if Drew understands after what Roman said about being champion.

Drew says he has the Wise Man working for him politically. He has the Usos working for him physically. Who can stop the Bloodline? You are in God Mode. You are just a man. I see fear and concern when it is just you and I. There is not a man he cannot tear apart with his bare hands. He will tear those titles apart and he will beat Roman. Drew says he is in the mood for a little fight in Montreal since the Bloodline isn’t here.

Roman punches Drew and Drew punches Roman back. Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Roman. Drew sets for a Claymore but he hits Sami when Roman is pushed out of the way. Roman with a Superman punch to Drew. Roman sets for a spear and Drew with a Claymore to Roman.

We go to credits.

  2022/08/21   Smackdown August 5th,2022 Results

Michael Cole mentions that starting on Monday a tournament will start to crown new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Roman Reigns, Jimmy, and Jey Uso make their way to the ring.

We are back and next week Gunther faces Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship.

Roman and the Usos have made their way into the ring and they hold up their title belts.

Jimmy has the honor of handing the mic to his cousin.

Roman tells Greenville to acknowledge him. Roman says you know the deal. They retain their titles and they come to Smackdown to brag about their accomplishments. There are a few things that need to be addressed. Number one, let’s talk about Brock Lesnar. Roman says he hates Brock too, but he respects that man. He still hates Brock Lesnar. They hate Brock because he tried to kill the Wise Man. We don’t have our special counsel with them and they don’t know when he will be back. You take an F-5 through an announce table, you are going to the hospital.

Drew McIntyre’s music plays and he says the people have heard enough. He wants his hand on Roman and he cannot wait until Clash at the Castle.

The lights go down and . . .

we go to black and white with Scarlett Bordeaux at the entrance. Karrion Kross attacks Drew from behind and sends him into the ring steps. Kross with a forearm to the back of the head.

Scarlett puts the hourglass on the apron and she turns it over.

Karrion stands over Drew and points at Roman.

We go to credits.

  2022/08/21   Summerslam 2022 Results

Undisputed WWE Championship
Roman Reigns (C) vs. Brock Lesnar

The camera shoots back live inside the big stadium in Nashville where we now hear the familiar sounds of Roman Reigns’ theme playing.

“The Tribal Chief” emerges with Paul Heyman holding up one of his two title belts high in the air, walking behind the top dog in the WWE men’s division.

We also see The Usos, fresh off of their Undisputed WWE Tag-Team title defense against The Street Profits, walking by his side as well.

They end up heading to the back while Heyman continues to accompany the champ to the ring for the highly-anticipated championship main event here at the 35th annual WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view in Nashville, TN.

Reigns is now settled inside the ring and after Heyman hands him a microphone, his music dies down. “The Head of the Table” begins speaking by addressing the fans in Nashville.

“Nashville. SummerSlam. Acknowledge me!” The crowd boos as Reigns surveys each side of the massive stadium. He circles and paces around as he awaits the ring entrance of his scheduled opponent here tonight.

With that said, the familiar sounds of Brock Lesnar’s theme song plays and the crowd goes wild as the former WWE Champion makes his way out looking ready for his rematch from WrestleMania 38 against Reigns.

Lesnar stops half-way towards the ring and walks off to the side where there is an enormous tractor. He puts on his trademark flanel with the cut-off sleeves and then a cowboy hat before getting behind the wheel of the giant tractor.

“The Beast Incarnate” then proceeds to ride the custom massive tractor all the way down to the ring where he parks it at ringside, where we see a giant scoop in the front of the tractor laying just over the top-rope. He climbs up to the top of the tractor and as the ring announcer begins the formal pre-match ring introductions for this championship contest, Lesnar reaches in and pulls a microphone out of the scoop and tells him to shut up.

Lesnar addresses the crowd a bit before ultimately getting the WWE SummerSlam 2022 main event off with a bang as he leaps off the scoop and splashes onto Reigns. The bell sounds and we are now officially off-and-running with this Last Man Standing match to determine the Undisputed WWE Champion.

The action quickly spills out to the floor where Lesnar beats Reigns all over the ringside area and throughout the crowd. The match eventually finds its’ way back inside the ring where Reigns starts to fight back into competitive form. He blasts Lesnar with a Superman punch. He calls for another one but regardless, Lesnar doesn’t stay down for the ten count so this match continues.

We see Lesnar and Reigns fight back out to the floor again. This time we see Lesnar look to leap up to the top of the ringside barricade in a single bounce, however he ends up slipping and falling down to the floor. The commentators mention how “The Beast Incarnate” isn’t going to be happy about that one.

Again we see Lesnar use the tractor as a weapon to inflict further damage on “The Tribal Chief,” getting closer and closer to keeping the Undisputed WWE Champion down for the necessary count of ten to win this WrestleMania rematch and regain the top prize in all of WWE.

The two trade a couple more leads in the offensive driver’s seat, although not necessarily the seat of the actual vehicle at ringside. They each pull out every move they have in their arsenal in an attempt to keep the other one down for the count of ten, but time after time both men continue to make it back to their feet.

Now we see Lesnar get back into the tractor once again. This time, he drives it closer to the ring and lowers the scoop. He then raises it after he sets it under the ring. This causes the entire ring to be lifted way up in the air on one side. Reigns ends up rolling out to the floor as a result of the squared circle being raised so high on the opposing side he is laid out on.

It still wasn’t enough to keep “The Head of the Table” down for a ten-count from the match official.

We see Mr. Money In The Bank 2022 run out with his briefcase in-hand. He sprints down to the ringside area sure that this one is over. He tries to hand the MITB briefcase over to the referee, only to get shoved down and laid out.

Now we see Jimmy and Jey Uso run down from the back. They get involved, but not for long, as Lesnar ends up beating them down and leaving them laying. Paul Heyman walks over and tries telling Lesnar that he was his meal ticket for years and he’s ready to re-join him.

Brock isn’t hearing it, though. Instead, he hoists Heyman up and plants him down with a vengeance — putting him through a table in the process.

Now we see Reigns finally recover and make it back to his feet. He heads back over and starts duking it out with the challenger some more on the floor at ringside.

Eventually we see Reigns grab his Undisputed WWE Championship title belt. He builds up a full head of steam and charges in Lesnar’s direction.

He blasts Lesnar in the dome with it and lays him out. Lesnar somehow makes it back to his feet before the count of ten. He is stumbling a lot, though. Reigns does the same thing again and still, while a bit more wobbly this time, Lesnar is able to get back to a vertical position.

Finally, we hear Reigns yell at Lesnar, “stay down and after this — you’re not welcome back!” He runs over and decks Lesnar with the title belt a third time.

This time he ensures victory by stacking a bunch of heavy crap on him. The referee begins his count and this time, he makes it to the count of ten. Roman Reigns once again emerges victorious against Brock Lesnar. “The Tribal Chief” is still your Undisputed WWE Champion.

Winner and STILL Undisputed WWE Champion: Roman Reigns

  2022/06/18   Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (Undisputed WWE Universal Title La...

The Beast is back, and he’s looking to knock Roman Reigns off the top of the WWE mountain.

The Head of the Table toppled Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 to unify the titles and make history as the first-ever Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. In their first showdown of 2021, Reigns used an assist from Paul Heyman to battle off the title challenge from Lesnar at Crown Jewel. Now the two goliaths are set to clash for a third time in a Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam.

The leader of The Bloodline successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Riddle on the blue brand, but the return of Lesnar shook the WWE Universe to its core.

Who will stand above the wreckage when Reigns and Lesnar meet in Nashville at The Biggest Event of the Summer?

  2022/06/18   Smackdown Results-June 17th,2022

Match Number Four: Roman Reigns (with Paul Heyman and the Usos) versus Riddle for the WWE Unified Championship

Riddle with punches in the corner. Riddle with kicks after the referee warns him. Roman with an uppercut and Riddle goes down. Roman sends Riddle into the turnbuckles a few times and follows with a punch. Roman with an Irish whip and Riddle floats over and kicks Roman. Riddle with a fisherman’s buster and Roman goes to the floor. Riddle goes to the apron and kicks Roman. Riddle with a twisting Asai Moonsault.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Riddle with forearms and Roman with a punch. Roman with forearms from a mount position. Roman chokes Riddle in the ropes. Roman with a Drive By for a near fall. Roman with a cravate. Riddle with punches to try to get out but Roman with a forearm. They exchange forearms. Riddle with a Pele kick and Roman is staggered a bit. Riddle with a running forearm into the corner followed by a second one. Riddle with an exploder. Riddle goes for a back senton but Roman gets his feet up to kick Riddle away. Riddle with a back elbow and a twisting senton off the turnbuckles to Roman for a near fall. Riddle goes for an accordion knee but Roman counters with a uranage for a near fall.

Riddle rolls to the floor and Roman follows. Roman with a back drop driver onto the announce table and Roman has a message for Randy Orton.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Riddle is down and Roman points at the ceiling. We see footage of a Roman flying clothesline during the break. Roman goes for a Superman punch but Riddle with a knee. Roman with a boot and Riddle with a power slam. Riddle sends Roman to the apron for an IEDDT but Roman goes to the floor. Riddle with a back drop driver onto the announce table. Roman sends Riddle into the ring post and they return to the ring. Riddle with an IEDDT. Riddle twists to the mat and pounds it to set for an RKO but Roman blocks it. Roman with a Superman punch for a near fall. Roman decides to have some words for the fans before he signals for the spear and Riddle with an RKO for a near fall.

Riddle goes to the turnbuckles for a twisting moonsault and hits it. Riddle looks around and he sets for an RKO and Roman pushes him away. Roman spears Riddle as Riddle goes for a springboard move and he gets the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns (retains Championship)

After the match, Roman celebrates his victory with Paul and the Usos.

Roman takes the mic and he says there is no one left. Roman tells Paul there is no one left. I told them over two years ago that I am here to wreck everyone and then I am leaving. That is what we did tonight. We wrecked Riddle and now we are leaving.

Roman says there is one thing left to do. Roman wants Minneapolis to acknowledge him.

Roman leaves the ring and . . .

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he appears at the entrance.

Brock makes his way to the ring and he gets in Roman’s face.

Brock smiles and he offers his hand to Roman in a symbol of dilsnufusism.

Roman shakes his hand but Brock gives Roman an F-5. Brock gives Jimmy and Jey F-5s.

We go to credits.

  2022/03/20   Smackdown Results-March 18th,2022

– We go right to the ring and out comes The Bloodline – WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and Paul Heyman. They stop on the stage and Reigns takes his title from Heyman, then raises it in the air. The Usos do the same with their titles and the pyro goes off behind them. Reigns hands the belt back to Heyman and they march to the ring together. Cole says Austin Theory is here tonight, but McAfee has been advised to stay away from him, and it was suggested McAfee apologize to Theory. McAfee is risking his WrestleMania 38 match and his job is he gets physical with Theory before then.

The Bloodline hits the ring and more pyro goes off. Reigns looks out at the crowd to a mixed reaction. Some fans chant his name, others chant for WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Heyman hands the mic to Reigns and the boos pick up. Reigns calls on Charlotte to acknowledge him. Reigns says he gets to see Lesnar tonight for the first time since he smashed him at MSG and made him bleed all over New York City. Reigns threatens to make Lesnar bleed all over Charlotte tonight. Heyman apologizes for interrupting Reigns, and reveals that Lesnar’s plane ran into bad weather in Saskatchewan, and the flight was grounded. Heyman says Lesnar will not be here tonight. Fans boo. Heyman goes on praising Reigns and hyping him up as Reigns takes the mic back.

Fans chant “we want Lesnar!” louder this time. Reigns says he understands, he fulfills his obligations and wants Lesnar here as well because he was about to smash Lesnar. Reigns says let’s not blame the weather and the private jets, that’s a business decision and Lesnar is just scared, as he should be. Reigns points to his shirt and says he’s in God Mode, and there’s not a man who can touch him.

Heyman is trying to say something but Reigns tells him enough, don’t interrupt. Reigns says the fans paid to see him and want to hear what he has to say. Some fans boo and some cheer. Heyman shows Reigns his phone and it shows Lesnar has landed in Charlotte, and he’s on his way to the arena. Reigns and Heyman briefly argue. Heyman is throwing a fit, asking what he’s going to do. Reigns says he knows what he is going to do, but Heyman can wrap this segment up by himself. Reigns hands the mic over to Heyman and quickly leaves the ring with The Usos.

– Cole and McAfee go over tonight’s show. The camera cuts backstage and we see The Bloodline quickly walking to their black SUV. Paul Heyman is with them. They quickly get in the truck with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns sitting in the back seat. We suddenly hear the horn of a forklift in the distance. Heyman screams out as we see a smiling WWE Champion Brock Lesnar drive the forks through the windows of the SUV. SmackDown goes right to a commercial break.

Back from the break and we see how Lesnar continued to honk the horn while trapping The Bloodline in the SUV with the forks. Lesnar enjoys himself as he tips the SUV over on its die. We also see how SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and Reigns escaped to get into a pick-up. They went to drive away but Lesnar hopped off the forklift, and ran over to the truck. Lesnar opened the passenger doors to try and grab The Usos but Reigns sped away. Lesnar ripped the door off the truck instead of the door running him over. A furious Lesnar yelled out as Reigns drove away with The Usos in the truck. He then picked up his cowboy hat and smiled, and picked up the truck door. Lesnar marches to the ring now.

  2022/02/19   Elimination Chamber Results-February 19th,2022

WWE Universal Title Match: Bill Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns

We go back to the arena and out first comes The Bloodline – WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos. Heyman hands the strap to Reigns and he raises it int he air as huge pyro explodes on the stage. Heyman marches to the ring behind Reigns, holding the title in the air. The Usos stay back, then return to the locker room. Reigns finally enters the ring and raises the title to more pyro. Reigns takes the mic and asks the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to acknowledge him. The crowd is loud and they respond with mostly cheers. The “Goldberg!” chants start up now. The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. Goldberg comes out and punches through the pyro as fans chant his name and Reigns looks on.

We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome as Reigns and Goldberg stare each other down. The bell rings and here we go. They look around at the crowd and then stare each other down. Fans start with dueling chants early. Reigns isn’t happy with the loud Goldberg chants now. They finally lock up and Reigns decks Goldberg with two right hands after they struggle with the lock up. Reigns with a headbutt and more punches. Reigns sends Goldberg over the top rope to the floor.

Reigns follows and slams Goldberg face-first into the Arabic announce table, and again. Goldberg counters and sends Reigns into the barrier. Goldberg works Reigns over at ringside now. Reigns goes back in at the 8 count and Goldberg follows. Reigns with an uppercut and big forearms over the back. The referee warns Reigns and Reigns gets in his face. Reigns charges but Goldberg leaps up with a Spear out of nowhere. Goldberg plays tot he crowd instead of capitalizing. Goldberg calls for the Jackhammer but Reigns turns it into a Uranage for a close 2 count.

Reigns has Goldberg stunned as he waits for the Superman Punch. Reigns connects and gets hyped up while Goldberg is down, yelling about how he told us so. Reigns waits in the corner now as Goldberg slowly gets back up. Reigns calls for the Spear but Goldberg connects with his Spear instead. Goldberg is fired up again but slow to capitalize. Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer again but Reigns blocks it and turns it into the Guillotine submission in the middle of the ring.

Goldberg drops to one knee as Reigns tightens the hold. Goldberg rams Reigns back into the corner but Reigns keeps the hold locked in. Goldberg sends Reigns back into the corner again but Reigns tightens the hold. Reigns wraps his legs around Goldberg but Goldberg still rams him back into the corner. Goldberg finally goes down and starts fading as Reigns keeps the hold locked in. The referee checks on Goldberg but he goes out fairly quickly, unable to lift his arm back up. The referee calls the match.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns stands tall with the title as the music hits and Heyman joins him. Reigns and Heyman raise their fingers in the air as the referee checks on Goldberg. Heyman places the lei back around Reigns’ neck and bows to him. We go to replays. Reigns and Heyman head up the ramp to end the segment.

  2022/02/19   Smackdown Results-February 18th,2022

– We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman. Reigns raises the title and the pyro goes off. He marches to the ring with Heyman as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Reigns is in the ring with Heyman. He raises the strap again as more pyro goes off. The announcers go over the WWE Elimination Chamber card for tomorrow. We go back to the ring and Reigns calls on New Orleans to acknowledge him. The taped crowd is hot and loud. Reigns then calls on Heyman to celebrate him. Heyman responds with a grand introduction for The Tribal Chief, including a line where he says being near Reigns is “spiritually orgasmic.” Heyman plays to the crowd for heat and they interrupt. Heyman scolds them and goes on with his introduction for Reigns. The music finally hits and fans begin chanting for WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. The camera cuts backstage to security knocking on Goldberg’s locker room door. He makes his way out and fights through the pyro as Reigns looks on from the ring.

Goldberg hits the ring and immediately drops his mic. Reigns smirks and says he was going to give Goldberg one last chance to acknowledge him, but… Goldberg takes a few steps closer to Reigns. Reigns asks if he’s going to walk up on him like that. The “Goldberg!” chants get louder and Goldberg gets closer. Reigns warns him not to crowd him because he runs things around here now and this is his ring. Reigns says Goldberg is here to fight or talk, which is it?

Goldberg says tomorrow, 12 o’clock, and he’s got to apologize to everyone – he was wrong, Reigns isn’t next, when it comes to the WWE Universal Title, Goldberg is next. Fans pop as Goldberg drops the mic and faces off with Reigns in the middle of the ring. Goldberg barks in Reigns’ face as the Elimination Chamber go-home edition of SmackDown goes off the air.


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