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 Roman Reigns

Who Is Roman Reigns?

Leati JosephJoe” Anoa’i is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former professional gridiron football player. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Roman Reigns, and is the current WWE Universal Champion in his second reign.

 Fun Facts about Roman

Birthday: May 25, 1985
Nationality: American
Age: 35 Years, 35 Year Old Males
Sun Sign: Gemini
Also Known As: Leati Joseph Anoaʻi,Joe Anoaʻi
Born Country: United States
Born In: Pensacola, Florida, United States
Famous As: Professional Wrestler

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Smackdown Results-June 11th,2021
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– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown on FOX opens up with a look back at last week’s show. We go backstage to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in his locker room suite. Jey Uso and Paul Heyman are also there, watching the replay from last week’s main event with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Mysterios and The Usos. Reigns is staring at Jey as fans in the arena boo. Reigns says he saved The Usos last week and they owe him. Reigns says one thing he will not stand for is… Jey says, embarrassing the family. Reigns knows Jey understands that, but does his brother? We hear the music of The Usos hit as Reigns looks up at the screen to see Jimmy Uso making his entrance.

– We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Pat McAfee. Jimmy Uso makes his way to the ring as Greg Hamilton does the introduction.

Jimmy says last week was supposed to be a celebration, they were supposed to be here tonight as two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions but no, they got robbed. He’s not here to make excuses, he’s spitting facts. Jimmy says first the referee made a bad call but that was cool because they got round two to redeem themselves. They were doing what they do but here came The Head of The Table, putting his nose in their business. Jimmy says Roman Reigns just had to make it about himself, he couldn’t let them have their time. Jimmy feels like Reigns got them disqualified on purpose.

Fans boo as we see Reigns, Jey Uso and Paul Heyman watching backstage. Jimmy goes on, asking Reigns what the point was of attacking SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Jimmy says he thought about it and the issue is that Reigns is jealous of him, jealous he wants his brother with him, jealous because they want to represent the family too, and hold gold just like Reigns. Jimmy says he sees right through Reigns with all those mind games he’s just trying to tear Jey away from him. Jimmy says he is his brother’s keeper, not Reigns.

Reigns is just staring at Jey in the back. Jimmy promises that tonight he’s going to do something he won’t regret. Jimmy drops the mic as fans cheer him on. He exits the ring as the music starts back up. Reigns is backstage telling Jey that he better take care of this. Jey gets up and walks away as Reigns and Heyman watch him.

– Jey Uso approaches Roman Reigns in the back. Reigns asks where Jimmy Uso is. Jey says Jimmy is out there mad, angry talking, and he doesn’t know where he is. Reigns asks again, where is he? Jey says Jimmy told him that if Reigns wants to see him, he has to go to their locker room. Reigns smirks and asks if The Usos have a locker room now. He asks why Jimmy is doing this to Jey, putting him in the middle and making him the bad guy. Reigns keep laughing at the idea of The Usos having their own locker room and asks if he’s sure it’s not Roman’s Cousins’ locker room. Reigns tells Jey to go tell his brother that he’s coming.

– WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns enters The Usos’ locker room with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Jimmy Uso is pacing around. Heyman hands the WWE Universal Title to Reigns and Reigns tells Heyman he’s going to need a few minutes. Heyman leaves.

Reigns shows Jimmy the title and asks him if he understands. Jimmy doesn’t care about the title or what Reigns is wearing. He cares about what’s inside, he cares about Jey and Roman. Jimmy goes on about how Reigns has been playing these games since they were kids. He’s watched the whole past year while Reigns used Jey. Jimmy says one day Reigns will go into the WWE Hall of Fame but not as Roman Reigns, as a spoiled bitch. Reigns tells Jey to look how Jimmy is acting. Jey gets in between them and yells at them to chill out. Jey has had enough, he’s tired of them both. Jey says he’s out. He walks off as Jimmy tries to stop him.

Jimmy turns to yell at Reigns some more now. Jimmy is ready to fight Reigns, he doesn’t care anymore. Let’s do it. Reigns asks if Jimmy wants to fight him, and for what? We’re not little kids anymore, this is a family business, this is their livelihood. Reigns says this isn’t how we make our decisions and represent our family. Reigns asks Jimmy why would he do this to his brother. Reigns reminds Jimmy he came out first so he’s the older brother. Reigns should be able to depend on Jimmy to do the right thing because this is all about us, and the only way they can continue to get this done is be the best each week. Reigns says he’s only known to be the best. Reigns asks again why and how Jimmy could treat his brother like that. Reigns goes on talking how it’s all about family, apparently trying to turn things around on Jimmy. He brings up Jimmy’s “Day One” line and asks if it’s really like that when he just let Jey go? Jey elevates himself for a whole year and now Jimmy lets him go like that? Don’t do this to your brother, Reigns says. Make it right with him. Jimmy just shakes his head and walks off. Reigns picks the title belt up off the floor and stares off as Jimmy walks away.

– We go back to the ring and out comes SmackDown Tag Team Champion Rey Mysterio, who wants payback from WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Rey paces the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Mysterio calls Reigns out. Rey says Roman disrespected his family and now he’s waiting. The music finally hits and out comes the WWE Universal Champion. Paul Heyman is with him. Fans boo as they come walking out and stop on the stage. Reigns grabs the title and raises it in the air as pyro goes off. Reigns stops at ringside and stares at Rey before entering the ring.

Reigns enters the ring and raises the title as more pyro goes off. He motions for Rey to stand back while he raises the title. Rey watches and seethes. Fans chant “Roman sucks!” now. Rey says this is what Reigns wanted to hear – Rey says he acknowledges Reigns. He acknowledges Reigns for the rat bastard that he is. Fans pop for Rey. Rey also acknowledges Reigns as the rat bastard who put his hands on Dominik Mysterio. Rey says as a man he is willing to fight, even if he loses the fight. Rey also acknowledges Reigns as a man he wants to fight inside Hell In a Cell. Rey says now that he’s laid out his challenge, it’s Reigns’ turn to acknowledge. Rey tosses the mic but Reigns doesn’t pick it up, Heyman hands him another. Reigns says he acknowledges Rey as a father… Rey suddenly attacks with a kendo stick and unloads on Reigns.

Reigns takes shots and grabs the stick, then drops Rey with a headbutt. Reigns goes for a powerbomb in the middle of the ring but Rey fights free with kendo stick shots to the head. Rey with more kendo stick shots to the back until Reigns sends him to the floor. Rey comes right back in but Reigns nails him with a Superman Punch. Reigns gets ready to deliver a Spear from the corner but Dominik hits the ring with more kendo stick shots to Reigns.

Reigns blocks and goes for a powerbomb. Dominik tries to fight free but Reigns overpowers and sends Dominik flying out of the ring with a big powerbomb. Dominik goes flying through the air and lands really bad on the floor at ringside. Rey attacks Reigns from behind with more kendo stick shots. Rey goes out to check on Dominik but Reigns drops him again. Officials rush down and hold Reigns and Heyman back as Rey crawls over to tend to Dominik. A “you suck!” chant starts up in the ThunderDome as Reigns looks down at The Mysterios at ringside. SmackDown on FOX goes off the air.


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